Purpose: to allow team members to challenge themselves, to build camaraderie, to encourage others to succeed, to emulate those whom we respect, and to earn the right to wear a cool t-shirt.

Background: most of us can look back on our lives and recognize those people who have influenced us for good - parents, teachers, religious leaders, coaches, friends, etc. etc. Coach Tetro has always been there for these kids and is a great example in many aspects.  On this mountain bike team we have a certain “vibe” and we do things a certain way; we strive to be good riders, good racers, good sportsmen and good people. These goals, and the principles that lead to accomplishing them, form patterns that spill over into our regular lives.  And *that* is what Coach T is really here to share and to teach you.  So….

...that is the challenge I give you.  As you work through this season, listen to your coach and do the things he would do… ride a little extra, be a good friend to those around you, and challenge yourself because you can do more than you may realize.

The low-down, the 4-11, the dirt: This year The Challenge will be slightly different…. The season officially starts on June 1st. ALL challenges will be published on that date; there will be a set of challenges for RETURNING riders, and a separate set of challenges for NEW riders. You will then have until the first race (Aug 24th) to have ALL challenges completed. Along the way we have some amazing items from our sponsors that we’ll be giving away for those that are completing challenges. Complete all the challenges and not only will you be off to an amazing season but you’ll also get a pretty cool t-shirt!

--Coach Paul