Junior Development Team "Devos"


It all started when...

These little dudes started showing up at High School practice wanting to ride with the older kids.  I said to myself, "Gotta be a way to get them involved and prepare for High School riding" The Junior Development team was born and has produced some awesome results; and, these kids have a blast riding MTB.  This program has developed skills and confidence needed for HS riding.  We continually work on skills and gradually work them up the scale so they are prepared for the High School Team.  It has produced riders such as Gavin "Grease Lightening" McCarrel, Preston "The Piston" Barratt, and Miriam "The Silent Assassin" Conover.  This team has a riot all summer and they race 3 races in their season all on the same High School tracks.

These kids really rip! If you will have a 7th or 8th grader at AFJHS this fall 2019, please get in touch with us:

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