Challenge #6: Welcome to Thunderdome!

Description: Get ready people, the challenge is real this week!  Basically, the challenge is to ride Thunderdome trail.  This is a challenging ride so I will allow TWO separate concessions... IF YOU ARE A DEVO RIDER then you can HIKE to the top of Thunderdome (of course, if you want to take your bike that's cool too).  IF YOU ARE  A HIGH SCHOOL RIDER then the second concession is you may hike-a-bike on any part of the trail, I don't care if you walk 90% of it... but you gotta get your bike to the big rock on the top of Thunderdome.

What is Thunderdome you ask?  Well, its a trail in the foothills above Valley Vista.  I'd suggest starting from the Grove Creek canyon parking/trail head area and make your way North from there.  I've included a map but the best way to find this trail and plan your approach is to search for it on (either the phone app or the website).

Special Announcement... You can do this challenge more than once. Each time you complete the challenge, post an entry in the form below. Each entry will get you a raffle ticket for a price to be given away at the banquet.

Start: Today

Deadline: October 18 (state finals)

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When did you ride, who did you ride with, how awesome was it?!

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Erin Tetro