Challenge #2: Goal For It!

Description: Formulate a goal for this season… write it down.  Then put it somewhere you’ll see it on a daily basis; your mirror, wall, bedroom door, your bike, or somewhere else. Share your goal with coach and your group leader.

Now that you have a goal, create your own saying or motto that will help you remember you goal and motivate you while you ride - affix this phrase/motto to your bike’s top-tube just behind your handlebars (write it on a piece of tape and put it on your bike). Some examples are “Shut up legs!”, “Crank it”, "Ride You Must", "You Got This", "Today IS The Day" and others… you can be original or borrow a motto from someone else.

That's it, this is going to be a motivator for you all season, it doesn't have to be big or grand or impossible to achieve, just something that YOU want to work toward and achieve this season.

Start: Now
Deadline: September 30th at midnight

Proof: Enter your NAME, your GOAL and your MOTTO below.  Of course, you can social-media post a pic too, you know the drill, mention @cavemenmtb on Insta & tag #wwtdchallenge

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Erin Tetro